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By using Final Fantasy Force, or any of its subsiduary sites,; you are bound to the following agreement:

1. Responsibility for Damages
Final Fantasy Force is in no way responsible for any damages to the user. The user agrees to indemnify and otherwise hold Final Fantasy Force harmless for any damage, liability, or expense arising from of services provided by the Final Fantasy Force or any sites linked to on the site.

2. Copyrights, Trademarks and Intellectual Property
All original content on this site is (C)opyright Star iSolutions 1999-2001, including but not limited to reviews, previews, editorials, cheat codes and custom images. Some content has been submitted by the audience of this site; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this content or the source of this content, there is a slim possibility that this content is the intellectual property of another individual or company. If this is the case, please email webmaster@finalfan.com stating what content has been stolen from another source, and what the other source is. We will then judge whether this content should be removed. Final Fantasy Force never has done, and never will knowingly publish plagiarized content, if you find any plagiarized content on Final Fantasy Force or any of it's subsiduary sites, please notify us by emailing webmaster@finalfan.com immediately.

Final Fantasy Force is in no way affiliated with Sqaure, Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft or any other gaming company. All names, trademarks, logos, slogans, images and media are property of the respective owner(s).

3. File Leeching
Final Fantasy Force prohibits the direct linking of media (images, sounds and movies) files from all sites except those that have special permission from the webmaster. We allow (and encourage) the linking to HTML pages on Final Fantasy Force, such as reviews and game tips.

4. Content Submission and Reproduction
Final Fantasy Force reserves the right to publish anything that is submitted by email, by our online submission forms, posted on any message boards/forums/chat rooms on the finalfan.com domain or any subsiduary sites of Final Fantasy Force. Final Fantasy Force reserves the right to alter submitted content in any way we feel is suitable.

5. External Links
Final Fantasy Force is not responsible or liable for any material on websites outside of Final Fantasy Force that is linked to from Final Fantasy Force or any of it's subsiduary sites. If you find any link that you think is unsuitable on Final Fantasy Force, please send an email to webmaster@finalfan.com stating the URL (website address) where the link is, and we will judge whether it should be removed.

6. Free Web Based Email
Final Fantasy Force uses Everyone.net to offer free web-based email to visitors. Use of this service is subject to Everyone.net's terms of service which can be viewed at http://www.everyone.net/main/html/useragreement.html.

7. Modifications
Final Fantasy Force reserves the right to alter the legal terms of service at any time, without notice, for any or no reason.

8. Legal Queries
If you have any legal questions regarding Final Fantasy Force, please send an email to webmaster@finalfan.com.

9. Legal Coverage
These terms of service and legal information apply to the following domains:


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