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Warning: This page may contain major spoilers. Click here to escape.

All Lucky Sevens
Get 7777 HP with a character. On entry to battle, all attacks will do 7777 damage until the enemy dies. After the battle, you will only have 1 HP with that character.

Cloud's Flashback
After Cloud has had his coma following being taken into the Lifestream, go to the basement at the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. Then, enter the library and Cloud will have a flashback and about how he became a mercenary.

Exchange Gil for GP
When at Gold Saucer go through the welcome sign then come back out again. Keep on doing this until a man appears in the far background, near the save location. Approach him, and he will ask if you want to change Gil into GP. Answer 'Yes' to exchange up to 10,000 Gil into 100 GP.

Extra Tetra Elementals
Go to the small desert island in the south under the Western Continent (the one that Wutai is on) with the Highwind or a gold chocobo. Walk around on the sand until you fight a monster resembling a cactus (Cactuar). Kill it with the Morph materia, this will cause it to become a Tetra-Elemental.

Knights of the Round Materia
Breed a gold chocobo and ride it to the North-Eastern corner of the world map. Here, you will find a small island with a cave. Enter the cave and there will be a red light. Move next to the red light and press the action key (usually X) and you will acquire the Knights of the Round Materia (most powerful materia in the game).

Reviving Aeris
Aeris can be revived using a gameshark code, but be warned, it can cause other parts of the game to go wrong. If you revive her, you can't talk to her, except on the Wutai sub-quest (if you have left it until after Aeris has died). The game shark code is 8009CBDEFF03.

Safe Combination in Nibelheim Mansion
The combination to the safe is: Right to 36; Left to 10; Right to 59; Right to 97.

Unlimited Sources
If you go to the underwater plane wreck, every battle you meet a monster that, when morphed, turns into a source. The first time you go there you meet the Turks which can not be morphed into sources.

Virtual Immortality
Get the Final Attack materia from the Gold Saucer, then connect it to Phoenix materia. This will mean every time the wearer of these two materia is killed, they bring every dead member of the team back to life when Phoenix is summoned. Use mastered materia and keep the wearers MP high so it can be used again and again.

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